Gammy Miller’s drawings are part of an exploration into the ideas of natural selection. Depicting imaginary non-viable organisms and victims perhaps of an evolutionary process gone awry, Miller means them to be humorous and yet convey a sense of warning. She lives and works in New York, New York.



I call myself a biophiliac.

From earliest years I have amassed a collection of bones, stones, shells, pods which in due course led to the need for identification and a large collection of field guides.

I began my career as a fiber artist and gravitated to drawing and mixed media.

The continuum has been a focus and respect for natural history and the use of detritus.  My current works represent organisms real and imagined.  Most of these organisms are "identified" using faux-latin nomenclature.

A second body of work incorporates the "dandruff" of city life collected from the streets (paper scraps, twisted metal, twigs, shards of rust) where they have a starring role in small drawings.

I work in pen and ink and mixed media on Arches watercolor paper using accumulations of small marks and stitches.  I like repetition and close work.  While working I always listen to Jazz as inspiration and solace.

Solace because what had one seemed beyond possibility has become a reality:  the extinction of species and environments throughout the earth.